This Game of Thrones freezable tankard mug is perfect for keeping your drinks cool, making you feel like winter is coming even when it's hot outside. Simply place the mug in the freezer until the contained liquid freezes and then pour in your drink to cool it instantly. This mug features house Stark's sigil of a grey direwolf and their house words Winter is Coming and has a frosted finish, resembling the cold winter months that Westeros is always warned of.

Product Code: MUGSTGT05

    Game of Thrones Freezer Tankard - Stark (Winter Is Coming)

    SKU: 728
      • Official Game of Thrones merchandise
      • New for autumn 2017
      • Innovative freezable tankard - keeps drinks cold
      • Capacity 400ml - 12 (w) x 15 (h) x 9 (d) cm
      • Hand-wash only